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Natural Hair Dye

Not all natural hair dye lives up to the manufacturer’s claims; if you’re looking for all-natural hair dyes that deliver quality results at an affordable cost, consider Pure Naturelle. Our products are an excellent investment because they last longer than other chemical-free hair dyes and they’re priced to fit your budget. Choose from six colors for picture-perfect results every time; we’re confident you’ll never use another natural hair dye besides ours.

Gentle, Organic Hair Dye Products

It’s no secret that conventional hair color strips away natural oils from your hair and can often leave it looking damaged. Our products at Pure Naturelle are different because they’re not made with harsh ingredients and chemicals. Instead of stripping hair strands, Pure Naturelle nourishes while it colors, so you’ll experience less fly-away hair and softer, attractive-looking locks. Choose your perfect color:

  1. Black
  2. Dark Brown
  3. Mahogany
  4. Brown
  5. Blonde
  6. Burgandy

Compare Pure Naturelle With the Best Brands of Hair Dye

We live in a world where our skin and hair are constantly bombarded by pollutants and toxins that make it difficult for natural beauty to shine. Our natural hair dye is absent of anything that could take away from real inner beauty.

Spring Special Sale

Take advantage of one of the best deals on the Web and pick any two of our natural hair dye products and pay for only one. If you’ve been searching for an affordable hair dye without chemicals, now is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorite colors- you may even want to try one or two colors you’ve been thinking about experimenting with. Visit our FAQ section for answers to the most commonly asked questions about strand testing, shipping costs, grey coverage, and color staying power of Pure Naturelle.

Can a Hair Dye Made From Plants Last?

Expect to love your color for 15-20 washes, an exceptional value for the cost! We recommend washing hair every other day for the best value from our products. If you have oily hair, consider washing every 36 hours instead of every day to get the most out of your color. Our natural hair dye beats out the competition and lasts longer than most henna washes.

How Often Can I Color My Hair?

Unlike chemical dyes that can only be used sparingly, our hair dyes are 100% organic, natural, and gentle, so you can use them as often as you wish. If you’re thinking about trying a new shade, you can rest easy knowing results will not be permanent, and you can color over with a new dye as soon as the first one washes out.

Check out the useful links found on our website, customer information, and product line-up online at Pure Naturalle when shopping for the best chemical-free hair color on the market. Pure Naturelle is home to organic and natural skin care products, cosmetics, wellness items, and wholesome organic food, as well. Shop our amazing hair products now and save while our sale is going on.