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Non Toxic Hair Dyes

Do non toxic hair dyes really work? You be the judge- we invite you to try Pure Naturelle’s organic hair colours at an exclusive discount price during our spring sale. Our two-for-one deal won’t last forever, so take advantage of the hottest savings of the year at Pure Naturelle. If you’re tire of chemical-laden hair products that smell bad and burn your skin, you’re going to love using an all-natural dye that offers exceptional coverage without the harsh ingredients.

5 Reasons You Should Only Use Our Non-Toxic Hair Dyes

1. Pure Naturelle contains no ammonia or peroxide; we offer six safe hair dye options for beautiful results you’ll simply love. When a hair product is certified organic, you know it’s going to be gentle- our hair dyes are effective, as well.

2. Our non toxic hair dyes are an excellent alternative to store-bought colours; in fact, we think they’re better since they’re made from botanicals and herbs that won’t strip your hair of natural oils.

3. Our natural and organic hair dye products are inexpensive, especially when compared with similar products being sold today. Some product lines charge two to three times as much as Pure Naturelle for their non toxic hair dyes. We prefer to make our products more affordable to our customers- see our 2-for-1 spring sale prices on our website.

4. Choosing a safe hair dye means you can colour your hair as often as you wish. With chemical products, it’s necessary for a salonist to trim away damaged hair and split ends between colouring- that’s not the case with Pure Naturelle. Our dyes nourish your hair and scalp so that you can experiment with a new colour any time.

5. Unlike hair ‘rinses’ that wash out the next time you shampoo, our natural hair colours are real dyes and will last up to 20 washes. Shampoo your hair every 36-48 hours and enjoy exceptionally luscious colour for up to one month.

Is Hair Dye Dangerous?

Chemical dyes contain known carcinogens and toxins- we recommend avoiding them at all costs. You don’t have to stay away from colouring altogether, though- there are many organic hair colour brands available to choose from. For the best value, consider Pure Naturelle’s non toxic hair dyes. For a limited time, you’ll take home the bargain of the season with our spring sale’s buy-two-pay-for-one event. Stock up while prices are at their lowest of the year at Pure Naturelle.

Looking your best is always a smart investment. With so many natural products on the market, it’s not easy knowing which one is right for you. We invite you to try Pure Naturelle's hair dyes at a special discount price to see for yourself that it’s the safest, most effective colour you can buy.

Shop our full product line now to select your perfect colour- read ingredient labels on our dyes for peace of mind the next time you want to cover grey or add a splash of natural highlight or try out a new look.